"If I was born in..." Project WIP

General / 23 December 2017

Post might be changed and updated as I progress. The following are my unsorted thoughts...kind of my personal project diary.
If you enjoyed reading, feel free to give feedback! :)

The Idea

I had this idea in my head for some time now: myself as a game character in a setting I really enjoy -  reflecting my love for games, art and historic settings. It also would serve the purpose of proving to potential employers that I am capable of creating game characters.

Since I did a lot of facial anatomy studying this year, I decided it is the right time to start what I call my "If I was born in..." Project.

I will recreate myself as a game character in any setting I love - as if I was born in that world and had lived there for some time. That could be GoT, HDR, Witcher...whatever.  First up though: Western setting. With the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 release I have so much excitement in me regarding western themed things that I just can't resist haha :D
Another thing that this project approach could be benefitial to: Company tailored Applications. I think it could be cool to have myself as a game char set within the world of a game developed by the company I gonna apply for. But thats all still far away and a lot of work, so lets not make too many plans before I even finished one version of my alter-ego. I might just stop after one char. But that would be alright too. I just like to have a bigger idea for things :)

SO, let's finally get into the first work then!

Here is a small roadmap for myself:


- First thing to achieve is to nail the selfportrait obviously. Since the head is the most important part of a character, I want to achieve the best result I am currently capable of. Also, I want it to be the part that went through the most iterations. The current head you see below went through quite a few iterations already. I noticed that my observation and evaluation skills improved a alot and my actual sculpting skills always have to catch up. When I open the sculpt from a few weeks ago, I thinks its a total disaster...but back then I thought its quite okay :D

 For that reason, I will probably finish the head last.

Pretty wip obviously, but a start.

head only

a few variations with sample assets to get a feeling for the possibilities...and its just damn fun to do too :D


Might base the hands on my previous hand study to save time. We will see...


Another goal for this project was and is to use more Marvelous Designer.
I already did some first steps, but gonna dive deeper into it during this project. First results can be seen above (scarf).


No notes yet.