Coffeebot - Mr. Bean (realtime)

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Coffeebot Mr.Bean - overview

Malte sturm malte sturm bot overview

Coffeebot - Mr. Bean (realtime)

First Part of a series I had in mind for some time now...
Real-time scene in Marmoset Toolbag. Robot has about 17k triangles.

It is around 1969 in a parallel universe. Human mankind managed to discover certain technologies a lot earlier than in our universe - which results in inventions like Mr.Bean. He is a so called “coffeebot” and got specifically build for the purpose of delivering freshly made coffee in offices, Diners and homes around the world. Unlike in our universe, everybody knows Mr. Bean is a coffeebot - not a british comedian. ;) You wouldn’t do him justice if you called him a flying coffee machine! He has got his very own personality - something the scientist who invented him was really proud of.
Here you can see a “Test-Diner”, build for the purpose of testing robots like Mr.Bean (usually once a year within the guarantee).